Spanish lessons: level A0

Spanish lessons. Level A0

Clase 1: Phonetics. Introduction Fonética. Introducción


Gramática: Spanish Vowels. Spanish vowels change the meaning of the words. [m], [n], [l] and [p] sounds. [k] sound. [ʧ], [f] and [s] sounds. Y and Ll.

Pragmática: First Expressions.

Diálogos: Hola, ¿qué tal?. ¿Qué pasa? – What happens?. Mira la foto – Look at the picture. What fantastic ice cream.

Cultura: In Spanish without shame.

Clase 2: Phonetics. Difficult sounds. Fonética. Sonidos difíciles.


Gramática: [t] and [d] sounds. [r] and [rr] sounds. B and V. [g] sound. [β], [γ], [δ] sounds. [Ɵ] sound. Words that end with -ción, -cia. [x] and [ks] sounds. J in English loans. Consonant + vowel pronunciation:. [ɲ] sound and Ñ letter. Spanish alphabet.

Pragmática: Thanks and please.

Diálogos: En el bar – In the bar. A la estación de autobuses – To the bus station. ¿La farmacia, por favor? – The pharmacy, please?.

Cultura: El turismo en España.

Clase 3: Stres marker: reading and writing


Gramática: Los diptongos – Diphthongs. How to break a diphthong. Stressed syllables. The stress mark.

Pragmática: Sorpresa – Surprise. Felicitación – Congratulations.

Diálogos: Me caso con una rusa – I´m going to marry a Russian. ¿Dónde vives? – Where do you live?. El euro y el Bitcoin.

Cultura: Euros, dollars and pesos.

Clase 4: Entonación – Intonation


Gramática: Synalepha. Intonation. Intonation of questions and explamations.

Pragmática: How can we express our preferences and to calm down.

Diálogos: Mira, este es Miguel – Look, it is Miguel. ¿Te gusta Javier? – Do you like Javier?. Enumeraciones – Enumerations. Preguntas – Questions. Preguntas y exclamaciones – Questions and Exclamations.

Cultura: What can we say about Spanish people?.