Lesson 2

CLASE 2. Phonetics. Difficult sounds. Fonética. Sonidos difíciles.. Pragmática

Thanks and please

Gracias usually means "thank you" o "thanks". "Thank you very much" in Spanish is Muchas gracias.

However the expression Por favor can have several meanings.
In general, it means "please" and is used to ask for something:

Una cerveza, por favor – A beer, please

The Spanish use it a lot. Even if you just point to something in order to ask it, make sure to add

Esto, por favor – This one, please

The long phrase "Could you tell me the way to" can also be expressed in two words, por favor!

¿El Prado, por favor? – Could you tell me the way to El Prado, please?

Finally, to express your outrage softly, you should say por favor stressing both words:

¡Por favor! – What is all this mess?

When we accept something, we usually say Sí, por favor. However we say No, gracias when we reject it, compare:

– ¿Quieres un café? – Want a coffee?
– Sí, por favor

– ¿Quieres un café?
– No, gracias

  • 1. ¿Gracias o por favor?
  • When you ask for water, you say

    Agua, gracias

    Agua, por favor

    When you ask for a place, you say

    El metro, gracias

    El metro, por favor

    – ¿Quieres un café?

    – No, por favor

    – Sí, por favor

    – ¿Quieres vino?

    – No, por favor

    – No, gracias

    When you receive a gift, you say

    ¡Muchas gracias!

    ¡Por favor!

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