Lesson 4

CLASE 4. Entonación – Intonation. Pragmática

How can we express our preferences and to calm down

If you like or dislike something, you can say

Me gusta la comida – I like this food
No me gusta la comida – I don’t like this food

To calm someone down, you can use the adjective tranquilo (calm), which can be translated as "That’s OK", "Don’t worry":

Tranquilo – That’s OK, don’t worry (talking to a man)
Tranquila – That’s OK, don’t worry (talking to a woman)
No te preocupes – Don’t worry

To say you’re fine, use

Estoy bien – I'm fine

You can also learn these useful expressions:

Tengo hambre – I'm hungry
Tengo sueño
– I'm sleepy
Estoy cansado – I'm tired
  • 1. Form short sentences:
  • Tengo
    la comida
    No te
    Me gusta

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